Newspaper Module

It is a pioneer module and an innovation of ASPIRE IAS and has been an integral part of the institute since its germination in 2011. The module covers 'The Hindu' newspaper which is the most important source of civil services preparation in all its 3 Stages and is a unique combination of information encompassing Global events, National events, news related to economic development,Science & Technology, Environment & Sustainable development etc. The module provides the approach to read the newspaper as per UPSC standards , excludes irrelevant information and also involves detailed and meticulous discussions on editorials and other major articles of importance.

Benefits :

  • Saves time and effort of an aspirant( as the contents would be taught in a lucid manner along with brief discussion on the background of the issue).
  • 'What to Read' and 'What Not to Read' is clarified.
  • Notes prepared in the class itself (along with rational correlation amongst different complicated topics).
  • More than 90 % of Aspire IAS toppers in the final recommended candidates list were part of this module.

Duration : OCT - APRIL

Days : 2 days/week

What Student Must Carry :

  • The Hindu Newspaper
  • 2 Atlas
    • Orient Blackswan Attlas (For World)
    • Oxford Student Attlas (For India)
  • Scissor
  • Scale
  • Worksheets (Provided in Class)