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UPSC Daily Answer Writing
Daily MCQs
1. What is the name of India?s first solar mission?
Select the correct option.
2. Recently, a team of scientists at the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) developed artificial synapses for Brain-Like Computing or Neuromorphic Computing.
  1. Neuromorphic hardware aims to mimic biological synapses that monitor and remember stimulus-generated signals
  2. The present invention can provide new materials for stable CMOS-compatible optoelectronic synaptic functions at relatively low energy costs, and thus has the potential to be converted into industrial products.
  3. Inspired by how the human brain and nervous system work, neuromorphic computing is a concept introduced in the 1980s.
Which of the following statements are true in respect to the statement above?
3. What do you understand from Green India Mission?
  1. GIM is of the 8 missions under National Action Plan on Climate Change.
  2. It aims to protect, restore and enhance India's forest cover and address climate change.
  3. The Ministry of Earth Science supports States/Territories to implement reforestation activities through this centrally funded program.
Select the appropriate statement(s).
4. Match the following with their correct respective
  1. (i)COAL INDIA LIMITED (a)Bharatma
  2. (ii)Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (b)Chilla Hydroelectric power plant
  3. (iii)BHEL (c)M-Sand
Select the correct option.
5. Lumpy skin disease is associated with which animal?
Select the correct option.
6. When is National Press Council Day celebrated?
select the correct answer.
7. Which of the following statements are correct with reference to PYGASUS?
  1. It is a spyware
  2. It was launched by an Israeli firm NSO
  3. It was launched in 2020
8. For the first time, WHO has called for a global elimination of industrially produced trans fats in the year??? with a target year of ???
select the correct answer.
9. What do you understand by PARAKRAM DIWAS?
select the correct answer.
10. Who is believed to have built the Jaganath Temple in Puri, Odisha?
select the correct answer.
Correct Answer : 1
Wrong Answer : 9
Unread Question : 0
Total Score : -3.94

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A Premier IAS Institute


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Why AspireIAS Academy?

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