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Aspire is known for it’s student friendly classes and for many years now, we are helping students achieve their goals. We provide interactive classes based on analysis on various issues, subjects and the syllabus by maintaining proper teacher pupil ratio. ASPIRE always believes in quality over quantity. Our teachers put in equal hard work only for our students. Because of these guiding principles, our students have been able to score good marks in both GS and MAINS. As ASPIRE believes in Right to learning and education we provide Cost Effective Classes with ultimate result.


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US starts training Syrian fighters to combat Islamic State

The United States has begun a long-awaited program to train Syrian fighters to go into combat against Islamic State, the Pentagon said on Thursday, deepening America's role in Syria's civil war after eight months of airstrikes against the Sunni militants.


India-US ties receiving high-level attention from Barack Obama

WASHINGTON: The relationship between the US and India has been receiving high-level attention from President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a senior American official has said. 

See Saturn moon's 'soda ocean

We already know that Saturn's moon Enceladus could be hiding some pretty interesting characteristics below its apparently dead, frozen exterior -- namely a subsurface ocean that might be warm enough to support life. New findings reveal more details about the composition of that sea and that its waters are erupting into space in broad, "tiger stripe" sheets rather than narrow jets as it previously appeared.

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