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Aspire has evolved for the 1st time in India a unique newspaper Analytical module™which is producing unimaginably good results for the last 2 years, especially in 2012 (475/600 marks).

  • Daily Newspaper Analysis and related article
  • Daily Practice Question PT & MAINS

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Aspire Study Group specializes in the rapid and cost-effective delivery of competitive exam oriented material and solutions. Aspire group is a leading provider of effective and qualitative exam oriented strategy, material, guidance, test series and proper feedback which plays a crucial role in the success of the candidates. Aspire group under a global delivery model, which leverages the advantages of an onsite/online practice to achieve the efficient and cost effective learning with proper guidance towards achieving your goal. Aspire group is dedicated towards making the dreams real and facilitating candidates long lasting endeavors in IAS examination.

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 “Efficient and intelligent efforts resulted in to good result” 




Toppers because of their right decision, efforts and discipline…. NO






MADLY AND HONESTLY….. Believe me…….



59 421015 ISHA DUHAN (Part of Aspire T-50, Newspaper and Geo RRVAP optional programme means


1750 marks)



120 000830 NAGENDRA SINGH (Newspaper cum writing skill)



128 415607 PRADEEP SHARMA (Newspaper cum writing skill and Personality test)



202 184552 ADITYA UPPAL (Newspaper cum writing skill and Geo optional full course)



248 057002 SHASHANKA ALA (Newspaper cum writing skill)



290 084652 PRIYANKA GULATI (Newspaper cum writing skill and last year PT crash course



308 049659 SIYAD N (IYB and Personality test)



313 104807 NIDHI AGARWAL (Target -50 and Newspaper cum writing skill and Personality test)



341 074069 RUCHIKA SHARMA (Newspaper cum writing skill)



353 212531 PINGALE NIKHIL NANDAKUMAR (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB)



370 000191 JITESH KUMAR JAIN (Newspaper cum writing skill)



406 033471 KOMMISETTY MURALIDHAR (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB)



421 438385 NITIN DEEPAK AGARWAL (Newspaper cum writing skill, IYB and GEO RRVAP optional)



474 173249 RAJ KARAN AGARWAL (Target-50 and Newspaper cum writing skill)



527 139315 SARIKA JAIN (From starting till rank student of ASPIRE Family only) (1st ATTEMPT)



544 205973 GAURAV RAI (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB)



551 095159 S VANDANA RAJ (Target 50 and Personality test)



561 004519 SUMIT BHATIA (Newspaper cum writing skill and Personality test)



603 023038 ADITYA GUPTA (Target 50)



626 033506 SHAMIT MONGA (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB and Crash courses)



679 010467 CHAVAN MAHESH DAGADUSAHEB (Newspaper cum writing skill and Crash courses)



850 099288 ASHISH RAWAT (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB and RRVAP Geo optional and



Personality test)



864 185856 ADITI PATEL (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB) (1st attempt)



971 009228 DANIEL VINCENT LAITFLANG STONE (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB and



Personality test)



1037 018821 MIHIR DEV (Newspaper cum writing skill and Personality test)



1048 203192 PREM KRISHNAN S (Target 50 batch PT and Mains)



1061 459715 SUDHAMBIKA R (Newspaper cum writing skill and IYB and Crash courses)



And many more result………. Especially from newspaper cum writing skill batch JJ